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"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."
. . .  Acts 4:12  . . .


Pastor David L. Brown, Ph.D. September 1998 David L. Brown
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This book is NOT intended for children!  It is written to warn parents and adults of abominations and perversions of Halloween, witchcraft and the occult.

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Vampires, Werewolves
A Look At Dracula

Vampires, Werewolves

Another classic Halloween character is the Vampire, particularly COUNT DRACULA. You will see a number of these black caped, fanged toothed monsters running around this Halloween. But, parents, there are a several things you need to know. First, history records that people really believed in vampires and werewolves. Both were associated with black magic. Second, Dracula was a real person. Third, there are an increasing number of teens and young adults into the Gothic movement and Vampirism who really drink blood!

VampireThe word vampire is from the Slavonic word wampyr. The early Slavs actually believed that "the vampire is actually a living corpse, which sleeps in its tomb by day, and leaves it at night to prowl in search of blood, by which means it sustains its unholy live. The Slavs call such hideous creatures of darkness Nosferatu, the undead" A strong belief in vampires was held in Britain up until the early 1800s. Vampires and their practices have always been associated with black magic. It was believed that those who practiced black magic in their lifetime were particularly likely to become vampires after their death according to witch Doreen Valiente. In Britain vampires were so feared that it was the old British "custom of burying the unhallowed dead at a crossroads, with a stake through the corpses heart. The object of this practice, which was not abolished by the law until 1823, was to prevent the corpse becoming ! a vampire." It should be noted that "some occultists today believe vampirism to be a fact" Further, there is a modern revival among the youth subculture to become involved in some of the practices of vampirism.

What about werewolves? The word werewolf (also spelled werwolf) is explained when you understand that the "were" in Old English meant man. Hence you have a man-wolf of werewolf. An acutal cult werewolfery is connected with the worship of Zeus Lycaus. This cult was a part of Ancient Greek worship and was known to still be in existence in 176 A.D.

W.B. Crow writes

WerewolfThe idea that a human being could be transformed into an animal was widespread among ancientsIt was thought that powerful witches could do such things, and many witches were alleged to turn themselves into wild animals, particularly wolves. This is mentioned in Pliny. Sometimes it was voluntary, sometimes involuntary, the result of a curse. The phenomenon is technically called Lycanthropy which, according to derivation means the transformation of a man into a wolf and vice-versa. The worst kind of witches were thought to indulge in it, as their behavior whilst in the form of wild animals gave them means to satisfy malice.

There are several things that must be pointed out at this point. First, many do not realize that the origin of lycanthropy is found in what God did to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4:4-16 and 31-35. Verse 16 says, "Let his heart be changed from man's, and let a beast's heart be given unto him" For seven years Nebuchadnezzar wandered the fields, ate grass and behaved like an animal. Now, my point is this. Satan often tries to counterfeit the power of God! Occult lycanthropy is the Devils imitation of Gods power.

Second, I know of modern day witches that go into a trance and howl at the moon and cast spell. Shamans go into a trance and turn into power animals. History records bizarre practices of the Leopard Men and Panther Men of Africa.

Third, "modern doctors regard the delusional aspecst of lycanthropy as psychological in origin. The World History of Psychiatry(1975) explains that hypochondria could sometimes develop into lycanthropy, and gives a disturbing contemporary account of a 30-year-old patient, who fell into melancholy, then developed a monomania which made him believe that he was transformed into a wolf (lycanthropy); he fled from men and sought refuge in the mountains, where he spent the nights howling, visiting graveyards and invoking the dead."

To be sure, we would consider someone mentally ill who behaved as the person in the preceeding paragraph. But, people dont actually believe in the black magic aspect of werewolves do they? The answer to that is yes. Several years ago I interviewed a young man from Wisconsin who had been heavily involved in Gothic Vampirism. In his public school library he found a book that told him what he needed to make the magical unguent to anoint himself to become a werewolf. By performing this incantation and ritual, drinking blood and performing other vampire rituals he succeeded in becoming demon possessed. He said two familiar spirits that possessed him "would give me power and the things that I wanted in life so long as I lived my life according to their rules." This man went on to tell me, "everything seemed great at the time, but in the end I know now exactly, where they were taking me and that was to Hell."

A Look At Dracula

In 1897, Bram Stoker published his now famous novel Dracula. Since then more than 300 movies have been produced which feature him. But, Dracula was a real person! In the book DRACULA, A Biography of Vlad the Impaler, 1431-1476, by Radu Florescu and Raymond T. McNally we read that Dracula was a maniac monster, the Hitler of his day. During his six year rule it was estimated by a reliable source that Dracula massacred 100,000 men, women and children. And how did he impose death? Let me quote Pope Pius II who tells how he killed 40,000 of his political foes shortly before 1462.

KillingsHe killed some of them by breaking them under the wheels of carts; others, stripped of their clothes, were skinned alive up to their entrails; others placed on stakes, or roasted on red hot coals placed under them; others punctured with stakes piercing their head, their navel, breast, and what is even unworthy of relating, their buttocks and the middle of their entrails, and emerging from their mouths.

No one was excluded, not even babies. Dracula decapitated, cut noses, ears, privates and limbs. On one occasion he even nailed the turbans on the heads of some Turks because they refused to remove them in his presence.

On another occasion he saw a man poorly dressed walking by his home. He called the man into his presence and said, "Your wife is assuredly of the kind who remains idle. How is it possible, that your shirt does not cover the calf of your leg? She is not worthy of living in my realm. May she perish!" The man protested, saying that he was satisfied with her. Dracula said, "You will be more satisfied with another, since you are a decent and hardworking man." His wife was fetched and immediately impaled on a stake. In the meantime the new wife was introduced and carefully shown what happens to a lazy wife. The book says, "Consequently the new wife worked so hard she had not time to eat."

Let me relate one last atrocity of this warped, demonic inspired madman. Dracula devised a plan to rid society of the burden of all the country's beggars, sick, old, lame and poor. He invited them all to a feast. Little did they know that it would become a house of horror for them. He fed them well and got them drunk and then made his personal appearance and asked them, "Do you want to be without cares, lacking nothing in this world?" Naturally they all said yes! Dracula then ordered the palace boarded up and set on fire. No one escaped. Dracula was a madman. I do not want my child associated in any way with such a degenerate reprobate, do you?

Tragically, there are an increasing number of teens and young adults into the Gothic movement and its offshoot Vampirism. And I must tell you they really drink blood! I counseled a young man for quite some time that got involved in this. He had been a Bible College student, but was expelled after he was caught drinking his own blood. Another young man told me of how he and his girlfriend were into Vampirism. Part of their ritual included sex and then cutting his arm and drinking the blood. He said "the blood lust soon overpowered the desire for sex. It is a demonic craving and desire. It grows and feeds." He went on to say, "Id see people in certain situations and wonder what it would be like to taste their blood, the saltiness of their blood."

Or consider the article in the August 9, 1998, issue of The Journal Times published in Racine, Wisconsin.

Nelson told investigators that he heard Buck, then 39, threatening to kill himself with a wooden stake. In the room with Buck was a 16-year-old girl, identified in court documents only as Melissa J. He reported that the teen-age girl was drunk, and that Buckoffered her a razor blade. Melissa complied making several criss-cross slashes on her inner forearm, which were bleeding profusely, Nelson said. Then Buck a severe looking man with a pale complexion, long dark hair and long sharp fingernails sucked on the girls arm for several minutesHer arms continued to bleed for about 15 to 20 minutes. The casewas the latest in an isolated string of vampire-like events in Wisconsin and elsewhere. In Wisconsin, police have uncovered a handful of cases in the past few years in which vampire-like activities played a role in crime.

Do you see the picture? Halloween is a pagan holiday. The key heroes of Halloween are diabolical and demented. Halloween promotes concepts, practices and beliefs that are neither spiritually nor mentally healthy. In fact, that brings me to my next major point -- The Harm of Halloween.

Meat Case

Meat Case In Haunted House

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"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."
Acts 4:12

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

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